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Student paid RM2,099 for a screen protector 😧💸

A biomedical science student, known as Ching, got asked to pay RM2,099 extra for RM25 screen protector.

Source: Must Share News

She was walking around a mall near Petaling Street when a promoter approached and offered her a screen protector and mobile phone cover for just RM25.

Coincidentally, she wanted to get a new screen protector, so she decided to get it from the promoter.

The promoter asked for her MyKad but she did not give him immediately and ask for clarification 🤔. The promoter told her that he needed to register her for insurance to cover any damage to the screen protector, she thought it was similar to a warranty, so she agreed.

However, when she was about to pay, the cashier told her that the total was RM2,124, RM25 for the screen protector and phone cover, RM2,099 for the insurance.

She was shocked💥 because the promoter did not mention anything about the RM2,099 for insurance. But she was told that the ‘insurance” could not be cancelled after it was registered.

As a student, she did not have that much money with her so the promoter “helped” her negotiate the cash price down to RM1,575.

Source: Must Share News

After sharing her experience on social media, she realised she was not the only victim and many have since told her that they or their friends had faced similar situation but never reported it.

Eventually, Ching contacted Bukit Bintang MP service for assistance and lodged a police report.

After the police intervened, Ching got back her money RM1,575.

It is suspected that the shopkeeper and so called insurance company are same people, they target students and those who are new to the city.

(Source: The Star)


Fraud landscape is constantly evolving, making it more difficult for the everyday person to spot a scam.

Here are some tips to prevent you from falling victim to an insurance fraud.

  1. Ask for clarification whenever you are skeptical about something. If possible, call a family member or a friend to seek their opinion before making any decisions.

  2. Life insurance generally has a free look period of 15 days, which allows you to cancel your life insurance for any reason with NO PENALTY!!

  3. Never pay in cash!! No insurance agent will ever ask you for cash.

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