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Shoutout from Our Clients


Chris Ng

Senior Writer

"My financial planning would not be the same without him"

I’m impressed with Robert’s professionalism and expertise when it comes to financial planning and advisory.

Knowing Robert for so long, I find him to be grounded when giving advice. His advice is always based on fundamentals and data.😎 He’s not one that lets emotions get in the way.


Just like when things are not going well, he reassures me to stay patient and so far, he’s hitting the right points. 💯

I also appreciate that Robert takes the time to understand my needs and goals before advising me on my financial planning. He also constantly monitors and updates me on the performance of my funds 💰💰 thus making sure my money is working the hardest it can.

Robert’s easy-going approachable and honest personality also means he’s always open to answering my questions and doubts.


To be honest, Robert has done more than I can write.👍👍


Zi Ling

Quality Manager

"A Trusted Friend instead of a Sales Person"

Someone who takes time to truly listen 👂 to his customer’s needs. I have known Robert for 3 years since 2017 through a friend of mine who is also his client.


With Robert, you will never feel pressured or treated like a ‘sales target’. Instead, you feel like you’re talking with a trusted friend 💁‍♂️ who has your best interests.


His expert knowledge in Financial Planning has guided me to make well-informed decisions. Before I made any decision financially, I wanted Robert’s opinion. He did the number crunching with me to make sure affordability is not an issue. He also highlighted various scenarios that could adversely affect my cash flow and how these situations can be mitigated.


Through regular reviews, I am able to keep a close tab on my financial health and make adjustments whenever required. I am happy 🤗 to have Robert as my Financial Planner and would highly recommend his services💯


Ai Ling

Account Executive

"From Advisor become Friends"

It’s my pleasure 😊 to recommend Robert, my friendly and capable independent financial adviser, to anyone who is keen to achieve their financial objectives.

Robert has been my financial adviser for 3 years, I have known Robert since year 2018 through FB platform, when I was struggling with my investment planning that time.

Robert is professional and clear in his communication. He does not hard sell. I can always trust him🤞 to recommend the most suitable financial or insurance product to me base on my needs and risk appetite💯. He is very patient and accommodating.

As an independent financial advisor, Robert remains objective and offer unbiased product comparisons. I appreciated the fact that he presented a selection of insurance policies, instead of dictating which is the “right policy” that I should be getting. He made sure to take time to ensure me I understood why I need life insurance, how insurance works etc.

💥If you are looking for a reliable financial planner, Robert is your choice❗



Assistant Manager

"Impressive Attitude"


After getting married and having a child makes me think about the importance of money for living, future, child’s life & education and golden years.

Robert is the most responsible advisor 👍 which I have ever met, his follow up and follow through makes me very happy and I felt there is NO FOLLOW UP REQUIRED BY MYSELF when he started to be my advisor.

I got to know him when I signed up for Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) under Manulife Investment Management when I was working with Sime Darby Auto Connexion 7 year ago, back in 2013.


Robert will update the clients on the investment progress which is a superb responsibility 🎈 advisor quality he has compare to other typical agents I have invested with and met before.

💹Positive investment result and profits, moreover stated to understand about investment. He is the person who can patiently sit with customer and explain to customers on what, why, when, which to invest, how it works, risk and etc.


On the contrary, I have the experience of investing blindly with other agent with no updates and suffer more losses rather than profit. ❌

I have learned more investment knowledge, importance of money, my child education future cash planning and more. 😊


Strongly can be mentioned that, he was beyond any advisors that I have ever met.

  • Honest Service and straight forward, no hidden agendas.

  • Gain more money 💰 in investment and having a quality advisor with no hassles




"Independent Advisory & Exceed Expectation"


Before engaging with Robert, I’m worried 😥about the investment risk which I’m not familiar with and will just continue with my conservative saving without a proper financial planning.


Now I know what I should do for a better savings plan for my children education as well as my future welfare. I’m able to spend without worries while keeping the end goals in my mind. I am confidence👍 in moving forward, have more conviction to commit and execute the strategies he recommended.

I’ve known Robert for 2 years now since end of 2019 through a friend who is also his client.

Robert’s advice not only very detailed but also with simple English for me to understand easier. He really consults from his client’s standpoint. Robert is easily contactable and always keep me updated on my investment progress.

I strongly recommend Robert for independent advisory if you want your expectations to be exceeded❗💯



Private Healthcare Sector

"Pleasant & Professional Personality"


2 years ago (2019), my colleague introduced Robert to me and we had a good time sharing on Financial Planning. 😊


It really opened up my mind that I need expertise help to take care of my financials. Although it wasn't large amount to be invested but better than nothing since he mentioned that:

💥 The Earlier We Plan, The Better Future We Will Have 💰

Robert gave me a very good & simple explanation on what I want to gain in the future. Since ever I engaged his service, what I can say is that he carries a pleasant & professional personality.

I personally recommend Robert to anyone looking to revisit their investment plan

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