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Life Protection

In insurance context, this is often known as Sum Assured or Face Amount.

It is the basic element when getting a Life Insurance plan.

So how do we determine how much should we cover?

Here are the Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Identify & Understand

Understanding client’s current insurance policy/policies (if any) OR Identifying client’s coverage needs

Step 2: Determine 5 areas of insurance coverage needs

  1. Life Protection

  2. Disability 

  3. Critical Illnesses

  4. Hospital & Medical

  5. Personal Accident

Step 3: Calculate

Calculating client’s insurance coverage needs

  • Income replacement

  • Family support

  • Debt cancellation

  • Children education

  • Funeral Expenses

  • Estate Administration Fee, etc

Step 4: Source & Compare

Study & Compare from multiple insurance companies

Step 5: Budgeting

Premium matching with your current cashflow

Step 6: You are now Covered!

Out Financial Advisers will review your insurance policy from time to time, to ensure you are constantly protected with the right coverage types and with adequate protection amount.

You may also want to seek professional advice on
a more detailed customized plan.

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