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Parents die 2 weeks apart, children left orphaned 😥

(Negeri Sembilan July 2021): 2 siblings became orphans when their parents died last month, just two weeks apart after contracting Covid-19. Both are not currently living with their grandmother, Salmah Abdol aged 69.

Image from NST
Mohammad Syahmil (deceased's son) said he would always remember his father's last words to him just before he was put in induced coma.😥

"Papa told me to take care of my sister and grandmother, and to recite the al-Fatihah if I missed him and Mama. My sister and I look at their photos and hug their clothes tightly to alleviate our sense of loss."

Picture not from actual incident

"Although we are sad, we have to learn to accept this," the 12 year-old son said.

The grandmother said she never imagined losing both her daughter and son-in-law to the Covid-19 virus.

"My daughter had diabetes, hypertension and kidney problems while my son-in-law was asthmatic. Suddenly, one day she had difficulty breathing." Salmah said her daughter was taken to the hospital but died.

She added that the family went for swab tests and when all were found positive, they were sent to the Kuala Pilah Covid-19 quarantine centre.

"My son-in-law's condition deteriorated and had to be sent to hospital. He was put in an induced coma but died three days later."


Ask yourself these:

  • What if the grandmother passes on while the siblings are still underaged?

  • Who will be the next guardian?

  • Where to get the fund for their living expenses?

  • If there is a fund, who will be holding it?

  • How to ensure the fund is being well-used?

Have you done your Total Estate Planning?

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