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M’sian Girl Gets Angry😡 After BF Says He Can’t Afford to Buy Chanel Bag 👝

A girl shared her experience in a post on UTAR Confessions and said that she now regrets blaming her boyfriend for not buying branded items for her and causing their breakup.

They got together during their first year of university. After graduation, she managed to persuade her boyfriend from Sibu to stay in KL and work.

They rented a small room near her working place and her boyfriend insisted on paying all the rent. Although they did not own a car🚗, her boyfriend always sends her to work in the morning before taking a Grab to the train station🚉 to go to work.

However, she got more fed up as she saw her friends’ boyfriends giving them branded items, but she did not receive any from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend said he can’t even afford a Chanel bag with his salary for three years and this made her angry and called her boyfriend useless.😢

They break up after many arguments after that. At first, she wasn’t unhappy but she regrets after two months later. 😭😭

She ends her post saying,

“Actually, if you’ve found someone who really loves you💛 , this is better than any riches in the world.”

Well, 💰 or 💗?

Which one would you choose?

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