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How to 𝗪𝗜𝗡 an Interview

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

There are many tips on how to prepare yourself for a job interview. If you can find it online, your competitors can too. Here are some 𝗽𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗹 𝘁𝗶𝗽𝘀 which I think may help you to standout from others.

1. What is the very FIRST impression to the interviewer?

It's not about how well you dress. It isn't about how good you look or the way you speak. The first impression even before the interview session starts, punctuality is the most important element of all. If you fail on your time management, it simply says that you do not respect the job at all. Punctual shows that you are an organised & dependable person and pays attention to details.

2. Take charge of the first 2-minutes during the interview.

It's always very crucial to give good impression to strangers. Once you screwed the first 2 minutes, you will need 45 minutes of non-stop positive talking to cover your mistakes.

3. Be prepare on Self-Introduction

9/10 of the interview will ask you to introduce yourself or say something about you. Don't tell them you are born in which state, what had you studied, which company were you from, etc.... All these are in your resume/CV, they can read themselves. Tell them something which is not inside your CV, tell them your real-life stories, impress them, make them interested in you.

4. Luck always favors the Prepared.

Always do your homework at least a week before the interview to show that you are really interested to work in that company. Not just company background. To standout from the others, you might want to do survey on the current market situation & how would it impact the company; study the company's competitors, how well do you understand them etc. Go the extra mile.

5. Be prepared for tough questions

Do not go for interview if you do not know what the interviewer will be asking. Every interviewer is different from each other. Get ready for questions like Why did you leave your previous company & what makes you think you will not leave our company in a short period? How do you handle company's politics? What makes you think you deserve what you asked for? Since you are inexperience, why should I hire you? You are not here to learn, you are here to work, etc...

6. Stand in the company's shoes

Do not ask what the company can give you, ask yourself what you can contribute to the company in exchange of the salary you asked for. Employers expect to get at least 5-7 times return of your salary earned. Do not ask for salary with the reasons that you pay for your expenses, inflation increases, high cost of living etc....

7. Good transcript doesn't mean high in demand

Nowadays, employers doesn't just look at the results of your academy. Attitude & personalities are some of the important criteria. You can tell the interviewer how good you are but time will tell the truth unless you really changed into somebody positive.

8. Always be Presentable

Always dress smart & neat. Doesn't have to very fancy but at least pick the cloths of your own size. Don't wear something too tight or too loose. Not necessary have to be expensive. Google online to see how people wear to work. Dun use school bag or backpack, get a proper business bag.

For men, light-coloured shirts will be the best choice. Blazer is not necessary but a tie is advisable. Remember to get a easy-ironed shirt.

Neat & smart looks confident

For female, you can mix & match according to your own style. Similary to male, light-coloured shirt is always the best. Looks clean & neat.

Female can have few options & colour matching

Having a blazer for female is a good investment for long-term usage & advisable too.

Blazer is a good investment for long-term use for ladies

9. Body Language

Body language can help you or may ruin your interview. This non-verbal language can tell the interviewer your personalities & attitude. The way you talk, sit, gesture, hand placement, eye contact, voice volume, etc can affect your impression towards the interviewer.

10. Handshake

Do you know that shaking hands can tell what kind of person you are?

Too firm, you are a domination person

Too soft, you are to easy to be bullied

Shaking too strong might be uncomfortable to the other person.

Wet hands can be a problem too.

Hope the above can help you in some ways.

You may contact me if you want more #tips for job #interview.

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