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What is Total Permanent Disability (TPD) ?

1. becomes permanently and completely unable to engage in any occupation and is permanently and completely unable to perform any work for remuneration or profit;

2. totally and irrecoverably loses sight in both eyes;

3. totally and irrecoverably loses by severance one limb each at or above his/her wrist and ankle, or two limbs at or above his/her wrist or ankle; or

4. totally and irrecoverably loses sight in one eye and totally and irrecoverably loses by severance one limb at or above his/her wrist or ankle.

The insured life shall receive confirmation by a Consultant Physician of the loss of independent existence lasting for a minimum period of 6 months and resulting in a permanent inability to perform at least 3 of the following Activities of Daily Living either with or without the use of mechanical equipment, special devices or other aids and adaptations in use for disabled persons.

Activities of Daily Living:


Ability to move from one body position to another. 


Ability to select clothes, putting them on, and adequately managing one’s personal appearance.



Ability to get around the home or outside.



Ability to wash one’s face and body in the bath or shower.



Ability to get food from a plate into one’s mouth.



Ability to get to and from the toilet, using it appropriately, and cleaning oneself.


For the purpose of this benefit, the word "permanent" shall mean beyond the hope of recovery with current medical knowledge and technology.

(extracted from Prudential Policy)

Usually insurance companies will only cover the insured until age 70. This is because elders tend to have high risk exposure of broken limbs after fall down.

Old Age Disability (OAD) is a supplement to Disability which covers until age 100. Definition as follows:


Any Disability suffered by the Life Assured, after attaining the age of sixty five (65), as a result of an Accident or sickness such that in the opinion of two (2) Physicians or two (2) Medical Practitioners appointed by the Company, the Life Assured cannot then or at any time thereafter ever perform at least three (3) out of six (6) Activities of Daily Living as defined above without the assistance of another person, provided that such Disability be evidenced for a minimum period of six (6) consecutive months.

(extracted from HLA Policy)


Most of the Disability attached inside an insurance plan shares the same amount as the Life Protection. However, only minor plans have option to cover additional amount separated from the Life Protection amount.

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