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PIDM -- How much do you know about DIS?

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

What is PIDM?

PIDM is the Government authority established in 2005 under Akta Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (Akta PIDM)

PIDM provides 2 systems to protect you as a:

1) Depositor under the Deposit Insurance System (DIS)

2) Takaful & insurance policy owner under the Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection System (TIPS)

Here, I will talk about DIS. TIPS will be next chapter. Stay tune by joining as member for free.


Depositor under the Deposit Insurance System (DIS)

PIDM protects your eligible bank deposits up to RM250,000 in the event a member bank becomes bankrupt.

- The protection is automatic -- no application and no payment is required.

- In the event that a member bank becomes bankrupt, you do not need to make a claim.

- PIDM will reimburse your protected deposits based on the records of your bank.

- PIDM will announce how, where and when payment will be made.

What is protected?

Your eligible bank deposits, denominated in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) or foreign currencies, are protected up to RM250,000 per depositor per member bank. This limit includes the principal amount of a deposit and the interest/return.

Deposit products or accounts protected by PIDM include:

- Savings account

- Current account

- Fixed deposit

Individuals with several bank deposit products or accounts with the same member bank can enjoy separate protection. Please refer to the example below:

Source from PIDM

What is NOT protected?

1) Investment accounts

2) Unit Trust, Stocks & Shares

3) Gold-related investment products or accounts

4) Deposits not payable in Malaysia

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