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Malaysia Budget 2020

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Malaysia Budget 2020 is the 2nd budget by Pakatan Harapan since it overtook as central government in 2018. The new government is making effort to the economy as show in the picture below.

Source from iFast

Source from iFast

From the above, I'm sure more or less you can benefit or save some expenses. But where will the savings go to? Spend on other things or save in the bank?

For instance, if you are eligible for the petrol subsidy (RM30/month), you can save a total of RM1,800 after 5 years + interest. By then, you will be able to get a free mobile phone (not luxury but above average) or treat yourself for a holiday at Thailand perhaps.

The money you saved is the money you earned. Likewise, if you do not set aside the RM30/month subsidy and buy something, it'll belongs to someone else.

Contact us on how to maximise your savings from Budget 2020.

Thanks to iFast

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