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👮‍♂️ Bukit Aman has detected online Unlicensed Cryptocurrency Investments 🚨

19/2/2021: The Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department director said they recently received a report about the cryptocurrency investment platform which has been operating since mid 2020, and investors are contacted via #WhatsApp.

Image from Oneindia

The potential investor would then be given access to the M2Dcoin platform to make their investments.

"Based on investigations, the investor is promised high profits after making payments through a middle man appointed to manage the investments," says Comm Datuk Zainuddin Yaacob.

Image from WSJ

"Our investigations revealed the platform was a foreign digital web exchanger site hosted in Arizona, United States. The site has been operational for over nine months and does not have a license to conduct cryptocurrency operations in any country," he said.

Comm Zainuddin said checks revealed the site can no longer be accessed.

The public should refrain from investing in such schemes.
Always do your research and check with the relevant authorities before making any investments

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