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Critical Illnesses

Critical Illnesses (CI) mean diseases which are life threatening & requires medical attention.

There are many types of CI. To name a few which we commonly knew are Cancer, Heart Attack (click), Stroke, Coma, Kidney Failure,

CI coverage is the insurance which pays out lumpsum when the patient is diagnose one of the CI listed in the policy.

Types of CI 

Accelerated CI

Accelerated CI means that the CI amount is included in the Basic Sum Assured (see Life Insurance Page).

Over the years, CI coverage has evolved to more advanced features. Most companies offer these CI coverage but there are still some differences in the details.

Non-Accelerated CI

Which is the opposite of Accelerated. Also known as Additional CI. The sum is on top of the Basic Sum Assured.

Multiple CI

Coverage unlike the 2 types above which pays out during critical stages. Early CI pays out even when diagnose early or intermediate severity. The severity here is different from the doctors' definition on stages of illness. The doctors' report has to follow the severity stages stipulated in the policy. It pays out certain percentage during the early or intermediate severity. This payout is based on different circumstances stipulated in the insurance contract. The more the better because the probability of payout is higher. Some companies offers more than 100 circumstances.

Early CI

Pays out multiple times when diagnosed critical stages of CI. These are payable based on different categories. Only one claim for every category. Some companies pay up to 8 times for this feature.

Hybrid CI

Means the combination of both Multiple & Early benefits into 1. It's pretty new in the market, therefore very rare. It can pays up to 800% of the basic sum. Some pay lesser but covers wider range of categories.

The above CI claims are the most common seen in the market. There are even some CI coverage covers specific illnesses only. For instance, for Cancer Survivors only, Specific Cancer Cover, Hear Attack & Stroke & Cancer, 10 most common CI, etc.

To find out which company offers the most features / most types / most payouts / most illnesses, please feel free to contact for more info.

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